Ever since starting Mekky Media Relations in 2016, I have worked hard to seek out nonprofit organizations doing life-changing work and partner with them to tell their stories. This has been a foundation of my business for two reasons: One, I know that the powerful PR we are able to provide can make a meaningful impact for organizations doing important work. Two, this aspect of my job is deeply rewarding — there’s nothing better than giving a nonprofit the exposure it needs to grow and help even more people.

Our list of nonprofit clients is long. We’ve served about 20…

In the closing days of 2020, I think many of us were looking at the year to come as a time when bad news would cease to exist, and our lives would start to get back to normal — maybe even better than normal.

But we’ve now had a month of being hit with a dose of reality, as we continue to see people suffer from COVID-19, as businesses struggle to survive, and as political divisiveness still rears its ugly head. …

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed right now. All I have to do is turn on CNN, with death tolls displayed like a count-up clock, or catch one of the many news alerts that light up my phone. We all are feeling trapped at times in our homes and miss the days of socializing and human connection. But as bad as everything feels, I can’t help but focus on the many positives happening in my life right now. …

Establishing a work-from-home policy can be incredibly beneficial to employees who manage childcare, long commutes, or simply for the mental break of being able to work occasionally from a home office. But what’s a leader to do during an unprecedented pandemic scare that’s given us no choice but to manage remote workers?

It’s definitely not easy, especially for those who didn’t previously have regular work-from-home options. Here are some recommendations to make this uncertain time a little easier.

Establish a (virtual) open-door policy.

It’s important to make yourself as available as possible to your employees when everyone is working solo…

How do I promote my business during COVID-19?

Many companies are now navigating a new reality, and it’s important to present a clear message to customers about how business may change and what your role is in preventing the virus’ spread, while assuring customers that you’re working hard to declare “business as usual” again soon.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when developing a communications strategy, and simple business changes can lead to some much-needed positive media attention.

  1. When you communicate, add a carrot.

People are getting inundated with messages from companies about their responses to COVID-19…

Many of us are working from home as the Coronavirus threat strikes the U.S., but that’s a blessing for only some of us. Work-from-home can be a gift for employees that like the quiet and solitary space to concentrate on projects without water cooler distractions, but it can also be an isolating — and sometimes boring — experience. And those with kids out of school may even be longing for the quiet of their offices again!

Here are some quick tips to get work done at home without losing your mind:

Create a dedicated work space, and stick to it.

2020 just feels like a magical year…something about that number gets me really excited. I am feeling powerful to create change in myself, my family, and my business. The last decade had some great moments, but some tough ones as well. Getting cancer and losing a job really left me feeling hit hard. But then the last three years of founding and building Mekky Media showed me my own power to move forward and create the life that I want and I feel like it’s just the start!

So looking forward now: in the past I have made resolutions based…

It’s all about teamwork.

You’ve heard the refrains:

Teamwork makes the dream work.

There’s no “i” in team.

One team, one dream.

My team is no exception. However, it didn’t start out this way. In 2016, I started Mekky Media alone in my dining room. I thought I would take on a few clients as a way to support my family and live my true passion.

It didn’t take long to learn there was absolutely no way I could do this business alone. PR is not a single-person’s job, in my opinion. Although there are many amazingly talented solo practitioners…

Fake it ‘till you make it.

We’re all given this advice to get ahead in our careers, especially early on. We are taught to act as though we have it under control, no matter what, because what others think is more important than our actual capabilities. Say yes now. Figure it out later, right?

This is fine advice…for a short time. But because authenticity is essential to ultimately finding happiness in life, we can only fake it for so long before it creates an unbearable tension. I feel most successful when I’m being my truest self. Now that I own…

Your network is the ultimate commodity.

I credit any semblance of success I’ve found to my incredible network. When I started Mekky Media, I was unsure of where to even begin. I sheepishly blasted a message out to my network on social media, asking for help in getting my first clients and was astounded by the response. I hadn’t even realized how vast my network really was. It was quietly sitting there, waiting to be activated. I underestimated what people thought of me, how many people I knew, and the power of social media.

I spent the first twenty years…

Michelle Mekky

Michelle Mekky has more than 20 years of experience as a broadcast journalist and public relations executive, leading award-winning marketing and PR campaigns.

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